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Q. What is the Liberty Plaza Resource Center?

A: High Quality Affordable Housing with On-site Programs and Supportive Services for Residents

TCHDC’s original mission didn't anticipate a need to actively promote and support housing stability to prevent the loss of housing by resident families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. But that is what happened in the late 1990’s. In response to this crisis of housing instability, TCHDC added a mission focus of supporting the needs of low-income residents, and in 2000 built an on-site Community Resource Center to serve the Liberty Plaza housing community at 290 Arundel Street in Saint Paul. TCHDC collaborates with local universities and community-based organizations that share the goal of strengthening low-income families to achieve our vision and goals.

The Vision for the Resource Center is a well-maintained, safe, and welcoming environment that supports academic, economic, and social advancement for residents of Liberty Plaza and the surrounding Summit-University and Frogtown neighborhoods.

Resource Center Goals:

• Strengthen the economic self-sufficiency of families through a focus on employment and training services for adults;

• Improve academic achievement and promote self-confidence among children and youth;

• Help residents enhance the life skills necessary to be thriving members of the community.

Residents from the surrounding neighborhoods and other nearby TCHDC housing communities are always welcome at the Resource Center.

Liberty Plaza thrives on volunteer power. Tutors are needed to support children toward academic success. Mentors are sought for teens and adults to support their personal growth goals. To learn about volunteer opportunities at Liberty Plaza, click here.

For information about programs and services at Liberty Plaza Resource Center click here.

Or contact Melissa Laubach, Program Coordinator for Liberty Plaza.
Phone: (651) 224-5303, extension 6        email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.